Monday, December 6, 2010

Planning a Kick-Off for Being Together.

Hi Everyone. We met on Thursday and had a very rewarding time. We had a Eucharist and reflected on a video by Rob Bell entitled "Rain". We also discussed the group and how to proceed.

It became clear that this group will be most useful if it allows young adults to share together on their life and spirituality. Young adults talking with other young adults will bring the most benefit. So we want to get people to commit to coming to a kick-off on January 13th. Until then we will have meetings to work toward the kick-off.

Thinking about the format we decided to continue starting with a simple Eucharist. Is 7:45 too late? Does 7:30 make more sense? We will have a light snack/meal after the Eucharist for those who have not been able to grab a bite. For the program we discussed a couple of options and the feeling is that the meeting does not need to be the same format every week.

The first option is this: We want to come up with a list of the challenges facing young adults, eg. work, meeting people, busy schedules, finances, thinking about the future, and the like. Then we can choose in advance the topic to discuss any week. There is a format for the discussion that we want to try which will help facilitate discussion.

The second option is to use a prepared program such as the Nooma Series of films by Rob Bell, and discuss them. These films have been very popular with people of all ages.

We want to work toward a kick-off meeting for January 13th, 2011. To plan for this week we will meet this Thursday December 9th and December 16th. We will then take a two week break December 23rd and 30th, and meet again January 6, the week before the kick-off.

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