Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meeting February 10, 2011

We will be meeting this Thursday, Feb. 10 at 7:45 PM. As has become our custom we will begin with a simple reverent Communion Service, and next watch one of Rob Bell's videos from his NOOMA Series.

We will also discuss the Lenten Program for Thursdays in Lent. I want to present the idea of doing a series on basic life issues: body, money, food, relationships, work. The idea would be to apply the spiritual concept of awareness to the basic aspects of our life and celebrate and renew our practice regarding these areas of who we are.
It is my hope to find an outside person to come to the meeting to present for 10 or 15 minutes, followed by a time of sharing.

Another idea is to have a simple soup and homemade bread meal immediately following the Eucharist and finish up eating as while we begin the program. Another question up for grabs is whether we will begin our evening at an earlier time.

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