Monday, December 17, 2012

Being Together Sunday Dec. 23

This week we will explore the spiritual value of remembrance and joy.  We will share with each other memories from our life that we cherish, focusing on the holidays for those who so desire.  I remember the funny costume my mother made for me to be in the Christmas pageant.  I was Adam.  she took two pieces of posterboard and pasted fig leaves on.  of course she did so few that the white board was what you mainly saw.  I looked like I was hawking fig leaves on the street for a shop, whereas Eve looked wonderful all dressed in fig leaves pinned to a dress.  Then I was embarassed.  This year I laugh.  Come share your stories!  Our Eucharist begins at 6PM, but if anyone would like to come a little early and help set up the door is open 20 minutes before being together.  If you think you will be coming you might drop a line to Father John.  Blessings and happy preparations for the holidays.

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