Tuesday, November 12, 2013

September through December 2013

We are well into a new year and we have not updated the Blog!  Eeeks.  We now meet on Saturday Nights at 5:30 PM for the simple Eucharist, and at 6:10 PM for our discussion Topics.  Here is the list of the topics remaining for this year.

Nov. 16th               What does my checkbook register say about me?
                                What are the things that are important to me?

Nov. 23rd               Why do we call babies beautiful even if they look kina ugly?
                                Physical appearance and affection, are they related, really?

Nov. 30th               For what am I most grateful?
                                Because it is Thanksgiving weekend.

Dec. 7th                  Is there a point to relaxation and leisure?
                                Starting from the film “Shells” we will talk about the the 
                                spirituality of chillax.
Dec. 14th               What is the Best Christmas Present I could make for myself?
                                Other than my two front teeth what would truly improve my life.

Dec. 21st             Who would visit the Christ Child 
                                without shepherds and wise men who would visit if Christ 
                               were born in 2013?       

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